John Carter? Refresh my memory, please?

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It's been decades since I've reread Burroughs...but from the trailers I've seen of the upcoming movie (which looks great, IMO) John "gets to Mars" in the film with the assistance of some bit of technology he acquires (finds in the cave in which he takes refuge?)... I don't recall this angle.

I thought John gots to Mars by simply "wishing on a star" so to speak...? (Some sort of Indian magic involved, as opposed to deus ex machina.)

I also recall that on Mars, there is an "extra primary color." A fascinating idea, but I don't suppose even Hollywood and all the CGI on the planet could pull this one off on the silver screen... Wink

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It's been a few years, but I recall him hiding in a cave and just waking up on Mars. There may have been a longing look up at the stars, but I don't remember for sure. I have the book boxed up somewhere so I can't run to check. Smile


- CP

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There's a new clip on YouTube:

Very much looking forward to this movie. =)

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I believe you're both right. Initially he falls asleep in a cave -- I think there was some sort of Indian magic angle there. The second time he goes to Mars I think he stares at Mars and then finds himself transported by his longing for Dejah Thoris. That's what I remember, anyway.