News from Wonder Festival?

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With all of the buzz about Toy Fair, I was wondering if anyone has been following the news at Wonder Festival very closely. I was specifically wondering if anyone heard mention of the new(ish) Bandai/Halfeye Studio Transforming Escaflowne that was shown back in late 2010. Is that still happening?

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Haven't heard anything new about the transforming Escaflowne, it's possible that Bandai lost interest, maybe they couldn't keep the price within budget since Studio Halfeye is a very expensive company (though they do some affordable stuff). I haven't seen any Bandai coverage from Wonderfest, I'm not even sure they were there.

I watch for all of my Japanese toy news, I'll post back if anything turns up there.


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Thanks, I figured you'd be the one who knew... Smile

It would be a shame if that Escaflowne got spiked. It was a beautiful piece of toy engineering.

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You can find some pretty good WF coverage here:

IIRC Bandai doesn't attend WF. There's some Bandai only Tamashii Nations event later on that they dominate.

You talking about this?

IMO if it's been 2 years and a product isn't out, it's unlikely.