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I had no idea what Square Enix was but remember seeing the Final Fantasy figures in TRU and thinking to myself about how great they looked.

Fast forward a few years and now, I have become a fan of their products and have purchased:

Halo Master Chief Green Version
NYCC Silver version (looks sharp!)
Halo Reach Jorge
Halo Reach Noble 6

I have the standard Batman version on preorder as well.

The line isn't without its imperfections, as my Jorge has a left leg that will pop off, but these aren't really made to be played with althought they have a ton of articulation and detail.

Anyone else love this company? What do you have?



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The first purchase I will have of theirs is that Nathan Drake. LOVE me some Uncharted.

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I like them well enough, but got turned off a bit when they started changing the scales. I haven't tried the Halo figs but I have a few FF figs and the Full Metal Alchemist ones. And a Bleach figure that can't hold his sword because they packed the wrong hand.

For the price, I kinda prefer the SH Figuarts figures, though the figure choices are obviously very very different. I'm also not a big fan of the knees on the Square Enix figs...

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I am VERY wary of buying ANYTHING Playarts now.

I have a small handful of Final Fantasy ones, and recently gave their Street Fighter line a try as well. And they keep breaking on me.

My first breakages: Paine and Rikku from FFX2. Granted, this was early in the line. But I bought them both at different times and they both broke just by moving the knee joint.

Took me a while to regain confidence in the line, but I did get the FF7 Yuffie and Star Ocean figures and they were alright.

I skipped a lot of Kai stuff because of the ridiculous scale change.

My latest purchase was Chun Li from SF. Despite being a stupid giant Kai, anyone who knows me knows I'm a big Capcom fighting fan.

And this happened right out of the box:

The shoulder just broke while removing her from the plastic bubble. And if you look carefully, her paintjob is terrible. The gradienting is bad, and there are gold splotches everywhere.

Now I've lost all confidence in the company. I have Cammy on pre-order and I'm worried she'll break as well. I was interested in the new FF13-2 Lightning, but I've passed on her because of this.

When you're charging over $70 for a figure I think this level of quality is inexcuseable. I've got an extensive collection of figmas and SH Figuarts which cost half the price, have never broken on me, and have gorgeous paint apps.

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I think my pics just broke the Buzz Tongue

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I have a Master Chief and had a Jun. The Jun had a loose hip and a forearm that kept falling off. The Master Chief is much better. I've had no problems with MC and the proportions seem better.

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Dare wrote:
I think my pics just broke the Buzz Tongue

Eh. It's well below the tower ad, so you can still see the whole picture. And it doesn't make a big giant white space to scroll past like when the subject lines would push the old Buzz out of whack.

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I've been fighting the urge to pick up RYU and Chun Li. Do you think that breakage was due to bad luck or an isolated QC problem? Or are the joints/pegs easily breakable?
It's going to be tough for me to resist these if there are new SF showings at Toy Fair.

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Might be bad luck. There's a hinge shaft that holds the arm in place and mine arrived cracked. Haven't seen any other reports of breakage, but then again I haven't been looking. The rest of the joints seem OK so far.

Oh, one thing you might want to note: them knees are FUGLY.

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Yeah, I've had a hard time getting over those knee joints. A double hinge that doesn't have a knee or elbow sculpted right on it always looks far too unnatural. In a case like this I'd rather have the back of the leg caved in a bit to give better range of motion like figma have than a funny looking knee bar. There are much better ways to do a kneed joint and a figure this big should be able to hid it easily, not make it more awkward.

That said I do have a bunch of the earlier figures. I've got a few of the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children figures, Hero and Angus from Dragon Quest VIII, and the three original Fullmetal Alchemist figures (which aren't very well sculpted, but I still prefer over the monkey-armed Kai versions). Kai really lost me with their over sized and likewise overpriced figures. Japanese figures are expensive enough, I don't need it super sized! I stick with figma for the most part now, a nice common scale and good looking figures. Though I think I'll be spending a lot on Bandai D-Arts King of Fighters figures this year...


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In the same week I got a Master Chief Kai figure and the Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman and, collecting has not been the same for me since!

I've sinced purchased the Deus Ex Adam Jensen and Street Fighter Ryu. I also ordered Sneaking Suit Snake directly from Square Enix, but haven't recieved it yet. I've also preordered the Arkham City Batman and am giving serious thought to getting a Halo Reach Noble Six figure (can't beat $36 on Amazon).

Between my new obsessions with Kai & Hot Toys, I haven't stepped foot into a TRU or toy aisle in a loooong time.


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Speaking of Square Enix and TRU; i guess the FFXIII figures didn't do all that well, as they kinda-sorta clearanced them out and never got in the second set. And they had some random Kingdom Hearts one. But does that mean that TRU is done with them? You'd think with all the videogame stuff they have (a whole aisle usually devoted to them) that at least the Halo or MGS stuff would have some interest.

Dean (not verified)

Oh ....
My chun li also have broken right hinge just excactly as your photo does

I thing There was a problem during The assembling proses, somekind of glue or something ...

How to fix it : thats The real challenge

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I usually lurk, but really wanted to chime in here after getting Nathan Drake shipped out to me, because I wouldn't have bought it having seen the paint job in person. The wash, dirt, shadowing, whatever it is is poorly applied to his face (Forehead in particular). The rest of the figure is awesome with no real problems to the joints. I have a few of their other figures I've yet to take out of the packaging (limited space for now)

Master Chief
Chun Li (your pics frighten me!)
Solid Snake
Adam Jensen

I always enjoyed their Play Arts figure (pre Kai) and have a ton of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts stuff, however I wish they would return to just Play Arts, I mean...seems quality dropped with Kai and we're paying more for it.