Bucky Freakin' CAP!!! link inside

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This looks amazing...so psyched!!!!!


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So that random sound I heard the other day was Brian screaming for joy?

Yeah, that figure looks very solid! It's too bad that I've moved on to just the 4" figs now but I'm happy for those who still collect Legends.

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That is freaking glorious. Even at $18, I think I'll have to scoop one up.

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Looks really nice. Like...really, really nice.

With that in the books, can Hasbro finally update classic Rogers Cap for us? I'm not a fan of the Face-Off or kinda sorta still Ultimate ones. I'm still using the Marvel Legends Series 1 Cap, which I like, but still...



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Now here I clicked on this link expecting to see Bucky giving Cap a lap-dance or something.

Totally misleading title thread title, Brian! Wink