Is there a way to view a thread chronologically ('quote' style replies)?

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I find it difficult to locate new posts since replies are placed inline following the original post.

Is there a way to view a thread chronologically using the 'quote' style for replies instead of with the replies inline?

EDIT: I see that there is a new link at the top of a thread that takes me to the first new post. That is handy. Is there a way to step through all the new posts in a thread? I see that each new post has a 'new' label that is underlined on cursor_over, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

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Let me look around a bit and see if people can opt-in to display the threads differently if they wish.

If not, I'll talk it over with Rob to see if we want to change it. I seem to recall that our initial thinking in this was to display them inline just like on the old Buzz. But now that we have people replying all over the place inside a thread, I definitely get what you are saying.

On the rare times I follow a thread on the Org, for example, I'll bookmark the last page of the thread and then start reading from there when I come back the next time. That wouldn't work if they did the inline thing.

Joined: 2012-01-04

I'm getting used to using the 'New' link to jump directly to the first new post in a topic. This works great when all the new posts are fairly close together which is often the case right now given that most the threads are still short. It seems like there should be a way to jump to the next newest post in the thread. I suspect there is and I am just not seeing it.