Recipes - Star Wars Fan Concepts Series: B-1 Interceptor

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Star Wars Fan Concepts Series: B-1 Interceptor

Created by Rabid_Ewok ([email protected]).
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This fighter was created out of spare parts I had left over from other ships I have made. The cockpit is from a Y-wing, with a droid socket added. The main wing is a piece of balsa wood covered with styrene. The guns and the two smaller wings are from an X-wing, and their hinges are from the wings of Marvel Legends Angel figures. The small landing gear at the tip of the main wing is styrene, with another Angel hinge. The rest of the details were made with styrene and Apoxie. The pilot is a B-wing pilot body with the head and helmet of an A-wing pilot, and the droid is just a repainted astromech.