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Superman The Animated series 2014 by Hasbro (series 2)
Batman The New Adventures 2014 by Hasbro
Batman The Animated Series 2015 by Hasbro

Created by Clayface
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These are where I got some cast parts to help aid my in my creations:

STAS Darkseid - This is actually a Stew's Customs cast of the mattel prototype JLU Darkseid that was never released. I used the Legs & skirt from the retail JLU Darkseid figure.

STAS Desaad - Stew's Customs cast. All I did was assemble it & paint it.

STAS Kanto - Was made using the a mattel JLU Weather Wizard body & BTAS cape. Minor sculpting, most of this was paint work.

STAS Lana Lang - Was made using a mattel JLU Hawkgirl body, The head, hair & skirt were all sculpted.

STAS Lois Lane - Was made using a mattel JLU Wonder Woman body, JLU Supergirl skirt, & the hair was also from Wonder Woman with a lot of alterations & sculpting. The head was sculpted as was her jacket.

STAS Mr Myxzpltk - There is a Toybiz Marvel's Most Wanted Spat figure under there just so the arms were articulated. But he is pretty much all sculpting.

STAS Steppenwolf - Was made using a mattel JLU Green Guardsmen body/cape, sculpted over & a custom sculpted head.

STAS Weather Wizard - Was made using a mattel TNBA Two Face body, JLU Weather Wizard head which I had left over from making Kanto. How's that for making use of spare parts? The body was all sculpted over.

TNBA BabyDoll - Was made using some little polly pocket type figure. I sculpted the dress & the details. Baby's head was sculpted from scratch

TNBA Bruce Wayne - Kenner TNBA Two Face Body, with a Kenner Undercover Bruce Wayne head. Everything was repainted.

TNBA Commissioner Gordon - A cast from Geek Variety customs. I just assembled & painted it.

TNBA Jason Blood - Was made using a mattel JLU Gentleman Ghost body, mattel TNBA Two Face arms, mattel JLU SDCC Hal Jordan head cast from Stew's Customs, & sculpting.

TNBA Klarion - Was made using a TNBA Kenner Robin figure, the head was a TNBA Riddler cast from Geek Variety customs. Teekle the cat was made using a BTAS Catwoman Isis cast from Geek Variety. I obviously did some sculpting to the head, cat & body.

TNBA Robin - Was made using a mattel JLU Flash body, JLU Tom Turbine arms, JLU Green Lantern legs, Kenner TNBA variant Batman cape, & a head cast from Stew's Customs.

TNBA Ventriloquist - Was made using a Kenner BTAS Riddler body. Most of this is sculpted from scratch including his suit, head, & Mr Scarface puppet.

BTAS Clock King - Was made using a mattel JLU Clock King figure. The hat is from a Kenner TNBA Riddler figure

BTAS Red Hood - Was made using a mattel SDCC Flight Suit Hal Jordan body, Kenner TNBA Two Face gun cast from Geek Variety customs. Both heads were sculpted from scratch.

BTAS Riddler - Was made using a mattel TNBA Two Face body, SDCC Flight Suit Hal Jordan arms, Kenner BTAS Riddler head & hands.

BTAS Ventriloquist - Used a Kenner BTAS Ventriloquist upper body, Kenner BTAS Pogo Stick Joker legs, Mr Scarface Puppet cast from Stew's Custom's