How freakin' amazing was Cap 2?! (no spoilers, pretty random thoughs)

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While I loved the first, I had my issues with it (ending felt rushed, the very end was weak, I didn't like how drastically futuristic all of Hydra's tech was). I had none with Cap 2. I loved every second of it.

For those who haven't seen it, I STRONGLY advise not seeing it in 3D. Normally I don't care one way or another about 3D so I'm not just bashing it for no reason. But I did see it in 3D first and 2D the second time, and the fight scenes look terrible in 3D. Even in 2D I felt the fight scenes were shot just a little too close to the action and cut just a little too fast, but it looks much cleaner in 2D.

The score was REALLY effective. The really subdued and omnious "theme" for the Winter Soldier made every scene featuring him very tense and borderline terrifying.

I do not like Scarlet Johansen as an actress. I found even her voice acting in Her to be quite bad. But I found her to be really good in this. The banter between her and Cap was solid.

Batrok. Loved that he was in there and that they made his uniform resemble his comic costume. And his inclusion is something I wish ALL comic movies did. Have an early fight scene using a "known" villain just for the comic fans. It doesn't have to have anything to do with the overarching plot, it just has to be in there.


- CP

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I finally had a chance to see it this weekend and I was not disappointed. Good action, a new character (Falcon) and also more of a political plot and story made this a good movie.

I liked to various nods to the comics in Batroc, 'Sharon' (SHIELD Agent 13), and some of the other spoilery folks.

Marvel does it again with a good movie that fits with their overall plan to build to Avengers 2 and keep the entire film universe moving forward.

I can't wait for more!


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I saw Cap 2 again this weekend and actually liked it even more the second time around. I loved the first one with the nostalgic feel to it, and even though the tone of the second film was very different, the Winter Soldier was a great action thirller. Spoilers ahead...

I really enjoy how Cap was more "super" in this movie with increased speed, strength, and agility. The part when he was chasing the Winter Soldier in the apartment building, blasting through doors and windows was awesome. Falcon was perfectly executed, even thing fit my expections. My only tiny complaint was the actor playing Crossbones was a little short, but otherwise effective. While I like the Iron Man movies, I feel the Cap Movies are flat out terrific. Was anyone else thinking when Widow said to Pierce "Are you ready to reveal your true self?" that Red Skill was getting ready to make an appearance?