Any news from the Uk Toy Fair?

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Maybe I am wrong but has the UK Toy Fair happened? I know the U.S. Toy Fair should be happening soon also? Does anyone know the dates for any of these toy fairs and when we should see some pictures?


Its good to be able to post again, I have been quite ill with flu

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UK Toy Fair was held last month. The only thing I know about it is that Bebop and Rocksteady from Nick's TMNT were revealed.

"Bebop & Rocksteady were my favourite reveals. They've been given a fairly major update, but they're still instantly recognizable. They look a lot meaner, more feral and 'tribal', with markings over their bodies. I think you guys will be very divided on them, but I loved them."

"Although they're more feral-looking, they still looked like themselves - Bebop had his black pants, red vest & shades, Rocksteady had his camo pants. "


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I went along to the UK Toy Fair at the end of January. You can view the highlights here