I need to remove some excess glue from a figure, any suggestions?

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So I've got a Transformers Masterpiece Bluestreak that was seriously messed up at the factory. One of the mirrors seems to have broken off at the factory and they decided to glue it back on rather than replace the mirror and the part it connects to. Aside from doing an awful job of putting the mirror back on straight, they managed to make a mess out of the glue and it ran underneath the part and got inside the joint completely freezing the piece now making it totally impossible to transform.

So, any idea what I can do to unstick the part? I'm thinking trying to dissolve it is pointless since I don't know what kind of glue they used. Would sticking it in the freezer help at all in making the glue brittle and then take a leap of faith to crack it with some force? I figure whether I accidentally break the piece off or leave it as is the results are basically the same.

Any suggestions?



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The knee joints on my NECA Batman66 are so stiff I've given up trying to force them, as I'm sure I'd wind up with a piece in each fist... Puzzled

I'd start out with the less risky freezer method...but take it easy. The freezer may make the plastic more brittle also, just as a hair dryer

If the stuck joint seems obdurate, is there any way you might try dissolving the glue with a judicious application of nail polish remover (without staining or discoloring the surrounding area)?

I've gotten a few DOA figures in my day. This one sounds worse than most.

I assume you can't (simply?) get a replacement shipped?