Anyone else worried Black Series 6" Vader will have a cloth cape

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I haven't collected SW toys since 1980 literally, but I have found myself buying characters from the 1st 2 films in the Black line. Am I alone in thinking the cloth items aren't working? Cloth capes and whatnot don't ever seem to fall right until about 9" scale. Cloth capes at smaller scales just look like stiff rectangles.

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I agree that cloth items seem odd on this scale, but so far with the Black series they've been used where they have to be. And honestly given the use of a more rubber like material for Maul, I'm not sure what they'll do for Vader. I think it's about 50/50 they'll go cloth.


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I can see it being both.
Over the shoulder cloak - plastic
Under sleeveless cape - cloth

Who knows?!
Generally the Black Series has been doing a good job.
If Vader really does come with a cloth cape that I don't like and can't fix (likely by inserting a wire to make posable) then I may very well swap out to a plastic cape I have lying around.

Best possible scenario? Vader comes with a swappable maskless head, 2 red lightsabers, and 2 capes, one plastric for display, and one cloth for when you want him to sit down.

So what figure has a cloth item in the 6-inch Black series now that you think is not working?

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OK, it's cloth.
Recently revealed at ToyFair NY, the 6-inch Vader looks pretty sweet, but yup, a cloth cape.
We'll see how it comes out once it comes out. Anything earlier than that is just speculation.
But I am already going through my fodder bin looking at replacement plastic capes in case I don't like it.

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Yeah me either. Huge disappointment. It's done ok for a cloth cape but still looks too bulky. Might cause me to bail on the line. Although Chewie looks nice.

Ugggh. Just looked again. The cloth vest above his belt line. Really bad.