Watchmen movie question?

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Anyone know/read anything about why they felt compelled to change Nite-Owl's and Ozy's comicbook duds for the movie, and made very few changes to the other team member's uniforms? (I don't think I ever saw the Comedian in his comicbook black leather "bondage hood," nor do I recall that any Comedian action figure came with that alternate head.)

I've always assumed that someone determined that Nitey's comic cape was more decorative than functional. Not sure what was "wrong" with Ozy's comic book uniform...too silly? Too much drape?

Does anyone wish that the Watchmen had used the original Charlton characters instead?

Nonetheless, I found the director's cut of the Watchmen is my fave live-action superhero movie so far, right up there with the Rocketeer, the Phantom & the Shadow.

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My guess is that they looked better on screen from the designs. The body suits let them basically give the men whatever physique they wanted, even if the actor didn't look exactly right.

I was a little disappointed they didn't fatten old Dan up like he was in the comics.


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I too wish they had Dan been more chubby. In the book that was so outstanding that he put the spandex back on even being overweight .


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In Watchmen (movie), the TV host asks Dr. Manhattan if he considers himself to be a god. Dr. Manhattan denies. Later, the host reappears, exclaiming Dr. Manhattan lied; he is a god. What's the story behind these two scenes, that can't be found in the original graphic novel? Shock

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I also liked watchman but could not think to that extent. For that we need to ask Zack Snyder. Lol