Custom Pacific Rim light-up Crimson Typoon with saw hands

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This custom NECA Pacific Rim Crimson Typhoon figure is ready to battle the Kaiju with various modifications to the original figure. All the single direction arm hinges were removed and replaced with full motion universal joints including the wrists so Crimson Typhoon can cross its arms for blocking or strike with them. The removable saw hands came from Transformers mech-tech Ratchet's weapons and the larger one from an Ironhide Bot Shots trailer. Crimson's ankles were given ball joints as well so he could be posed to side-step incoming attacks. The mono eye was drilled out and given a light-up LED eye that shines in a spotlight effect just as it did in the movie. Extra sculpting detail was added on all the arms, body, and torso, then the entire figure was repainted with various armor shades, weathering, battle damage, and tiny lighted dots. Add a plasma blast effect and Crimson Typhoon is ready for his one minute of screen time and woeful defeat!

More pics here---> Pacific Rim Crimson Typhoon


CrimsonTyphoon1.JPG214.05 KB
CrimsonTyphoon3.JPG217.18 KB
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Very very cool. I was super surpirsed that CD got owned so quickly in the movie, but your custom is terrific.