Funko Batman vs. Joker Throwdown Game


August 2013 - Funko has announced a new game - Batman vs. Joker Throwdown.

Funko describes the game as:

  • Board and Pieces come in 12" Vinyl Figural Packaging
  • Each Game comes with two 2.5" Collectible Vinyl Figure Game Pieces (Batman & Joker)
  • Beat your opponent by using Combat Cards, Battle Cards, Boost Coins and Battle Dice
  • Easy to Play
  • Watch for booster packs to collect more Combat Cards and Collectible Game Piece Characters.

The game is due in stores around August 8th.


Rip off

Looks like they ripped off Throwdown!
That was a kickstarter
It is sad when the big guys steal from the little guys.

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