GA Mr. Terrific question?

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Well, yet another custom con found me unprepared. I had several figures ready to roll, but due to increasingly busy days at work, did not have time for photos & writeups...sigh...maybe Fall 2013?

At any rate, one of my customs-in-progress is (has been for the past year) the Golden Age Mr. Terrific. (Jeez, what a terrible name...even for the 1940s! There was a 60s superhero sitcom about a character with that name!) Based on the SA Atom figure, my custom is in scale with the rest of the JSA figures DCUC produced.

I've been researching the character, and decided to take certain liberties with MT's costume:

  • Yes, he still proudly displays FAIR PLAY on his belly.
  • I decided that instead of a green "tunic" (whatever that is), I'd prefer a green leather jacket. (His jacket has shoulder epaulets now, as well as some other "jacket" details.)
  • MT was originally "barehanded", but I decided red gloves looked better....with a "turnover" yellow cuff to match his yellow boot cuffs..

In the pix of him I've seen, MT has a wide brown belt with what appear to be 9 square "buttons" on it where a buckle would be. I seriously doubt mine will feature this level of tiny detail; however, does anyone have any idea if these were functional, or simply decorative?

Another question. If MT came with an accessory, what would it be?

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Ho Ching Ming (not verified)

An ear necklace.