TRU Ebay, MP Transformers and...My Little Pony

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Last night TRU's ebay store listed MP Soundwave and Acid Storm available for sale, even though they shouldn't have been available until July 18. Over the course of about four hours Soundwave was listed four times, selling a total of 405 units. Today, buyers get cancellation notices and TRU gets negs from angry Transformer fans.
Oh, I guess My Little Pony fans were also affected. I noticed some MLP negs mixed in.
Anybody else get their order cancelled? Angry? Mildly annoyed?

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Anonymous (not verified)

Just found out today that my store will be selling MP Soundwave for $138 and Acidstorm for $84. Total rip off! These shouldn't cost more than $65, but it just comes down to TRU greed.

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i don't understand how the hell soundwave is selling for $120 - $135. i'm all for GOOD companies making money on their products, but this is ludicrous.

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I guess I'm in the other camp. I've been eying the Takara Soundwave and am a little surprised its only 120. Takara has the tapes at $60 for two! Maybe I'm too easily pleased to get a US release.