New NECA Finds at TRU

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The wave of New NECA products continue to hit TRU. Today I found the Pacific Rim Figures, Lone Ranger, and Predator Wave 9 on the pegs. For some reason, my local TRU has the NECA, McFarlane, and Diamond Select stuff split in 2 areas: one spot in the regular action figure section, and the other by the video games. So while I went to the spot in the R Zone, where the last wave of Predators had been stocked, the employees stocked the latest Predator wave in the other action figure aisle by the sad Terminator exclusives, and right into the hands of a local scalper. As I walked over there, I saw him leave the aisle with 2 Muddy Dutches and 2 Shirtless Dutches. The figures he left were trashed, but I bought the Dutches for opening anyway. The Pacific Rim figures are there in sculpt, but the paint apps are sloppy and looked rushed. Same paint problems with the Lone Ranger figures, big step back in paint apps from the Predator line. Was hoping for Aliens Wave 1, but maybe next week. Good Luck.

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Our local TRU has the same split between the regular action figures and video game stuff.

Also, the Walking Dead Minimates were $7.99 a 2-pack while the Star Trek ones wer $7.49 a 2-pack.

The Lone Ranger figures were in the same aisle as Monsters University figures.


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I didn't know about the R Zone figures. I can't remember the last time I've been in that section of the store. TRU really needs to redo the figure aisles. The recent influx of Neca figures is making the aisle look even more messy and haphazard.
Picked up Hudson and Hicks at TRU. Would of liked a Xeno but they were gone.


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TRU has NO idea when it comes to product placement. I saw Walking Dead Funko figures with the kiddie stuff yesterday. It's not Kmart bad, but it's getting that way.