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I probably should have continued this in the Springer thread since they're so close in mold. I was surprised to find one at TRU so quickly in the North East, just 2 days after a CA sighting. I haven't transformed him yet but I noticed his heels are tightened up compared to my Springer. Springer had slightly annoying floppy heels, lol. I'm not sure if that was a common problem.

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I'm not as crazy over this one as I am Springer. Both alt modes look like afterthoughts (I guess they kinda are), those giant rear wheels are weird looking and too thin. His colors really should just be two tones of orange and black without the yellow. The head is what I find most annoying, it doesn't even look like Sandstorm. Traditionally he has a square head, be it on the original figure, the cartoon or in any of the different comic book versions. I have no idea why they decided to give such a stretched out and rounded head, it doesn't even look like the same character anymore.

Really wish they would have started over from scratch. I suppose we'll be seeing Blitzwing repurposed into Broadside soon.

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I think the coolness of Springer makes this a bit "Meh" for me. I love The Wreckers, so he is a must have though.

Right now, I'm excited about MMC Hexatron aka Sixshot more than anything and the Igear Beachcomber, Gears, Swerve.