So is this Sunday (April 28th) the street date for Man of Steel toys?

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Saw an article somewhere about Wal-Mart starting to sell advance tickets for an early screening of Man of Steel (2 or 3 hours early: 7pm on June 13th. Also, you'll be in a theater full of Wal Mart bueno. I'll wait for 10pm, thanks.)

Anyway, the article made reference to new Superman merchandise hitting stores on the 28th, but didn't specifically say toys. Anyone know if this sunday is the day, and does that include the movie masters?

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I saw superman toys at walmart yesterday... but nothing that impressed me enough to purchase.


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Wal-Mart in McKinney, TX had an impressive set up of Man of Steel stuff this morning. Target did not.

I'm only after the Movie masters. Found Supes and Pajama-Zod. I'm assuming Jor-El is not part of this assortment.



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The Superman Man of Steel Legos are street dated for tomorrow. Hopefully that mean my local TRU will put out Movie Masters as well but I won't hold my breath.