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Marvel Legends Crime

Created by CRobTheCreator ([email protected]).
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Howard Saint: A Miami based crime lord that makes his trade in banking money for a Cuban drug cartel. He is also responsible for the gun trade in Miami. He recently began paying money up to the Kingpin for protection from the Punisher.

Recipe: Marvel Legends Reed Richards head, Angel body

Razorfist: Recently a former member of the Hood's gang, he has been sought out by the Kingpin to help with the persuasion of local business owners to pay the Kingpin for protection.

Recipe: WWE Elite Kane and fodder

Ironking: Recently inquired technology from Tony Stark in the form of an Iron Man prototype suit, Alistar Sythme was instructed to create The Kingpin an armored suit of his own. Thus the Ironking was born. Giving the Kingpin the ultimate tool in taking over New York's organized crime.

Recipe: Wreck-it Ralph Hero suit, Iron Monger Legs, and Fodder