Were the variant figures for the last two series of Marvel Legends even produced?

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I finally gave up hope of seeing the Hit Monkey series of Marvel Legends in stores and ordered a set off of eBay. (Found a full set for a few bucks less than they are listed on BBTS.com) But now that I have them in hand, it made me realize that I still have yet to see any evidence that the variants for either this series or the previous one were ever shipped. Has anyone else seen Blade or Dana Moonstar from the Epic Heroes wave (or white Dr Doom fro that matter) or the variants for the Hit Monkey series?

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They haven't shown up in the states, but apparently Red Dead and White Doom have in the U.K. and probably elsewhere. So who knows when they will show.

Let's hope that they combine the variants of ML3 and ML4 together in one assortment.

I had to order both ML3 and ML4 online and to this date have never seen either in a brick and mortar stores (Wally World or Target). I don't get a chance to go to TRU much or the Disney store. I just hope this isn't the new trend. I really enjoyed finding them in the stores.

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I stopped by Toys R Us today and suddenly they had the Hit Monkey series of figures in stock! No variants of course. But I was pleasantly surprised to finally see these locally. And the fact that the $10 per figure price is still higher than I paid means I didn't even have buyer's remorse.

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Bought all 3 at a Canadian store! So awesome!