have you avoided any dark paths/slippery slopes lately?

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At ToysRUs recently, we saw the new McFarlane Walking Dead figures, and as great as the Michonne looked, I just couldn't buy her.

$15.99 for her, but then I'd also want both of her pets, so suddenly the $16 is $48, and as long as I was getting those three, I might as well get the Merle figure, which also looked fantastic.

But I wouldn't want Merle without Daryl, and I don't even want to know what Daryl is going for on eBay, so I just left everything on the pegs and walked away.

I figured that I "saved" enough money right then to pay for one of those retro 40s pinup girls DC statues announced last month.

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Those figures are tempting. If I had a Daryl, picking up Michonne and Merle would have been a no brainer.
BTW, Gamestop has been selling them in-store for $12.99.

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While the new walking dead figures look good, the thing is I'd have to buy all the older crappy looking ones as well if I started buying them, so I passed.

The new neca aliens and predator stuff is just amazing, but both licenses have gotten really stale to me. I've passed on all the new marvel legends figures, simply because of the price. Under 410, they were an easy casual habit to pick up. But going up to $20 a pop? They simply aren't worth that much to me.

If I'm going to have to spend more, then I'm buying better things like movie prop reproductions n such. (Neca's portal gun for instance, is a great display piece.)


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I want to order the 40s style DC gal statues.... I want to buy all the Fall of Cybertron Transformers... I REALLY want those 3rd party, toon-accurate, pre-Earth seekers from BBTS... Alas, jumping onto any of those trains would wipe me out.



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I actually picked up only Michonne and her pets. If they make a good version of Rick (1st season) with his hat I will pick that up. I didn't like McFarlane's Walking Dead sculpts until this assortment. I can't understand why he is having such a hard time with these. I collected all his Spawn figures and some of his sports figures and I'm really happy with the sculpts. The earlier assortments don't really compare. It's like he doesn't care: The paint apps are not up to par and I wish he would use a gloss or semi-gloss paint app on the eyeballs.

I'm hoping that Sideshow Toys comes out with a 12" Rick, Michonne and at least one good Zombie.

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Funko Pop. Oh, I just want Deadpool. Oh, look at all the cool Deadpool variants. I've stopped the slide... for now.

Although they've got a lot of cool horror figures. Must resist.

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GI Joe Kreo for me. Luckily they weren't buy one get one 50% when I final saw the sets in stores. I'm also lucky that the singles (minifigures) seem to be bought by the box by other collectors because the singles would open the door to sets regardless of price.

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