My latest addiction...

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So towards the end of the year, my husband & I were going to buy ourselves new rings to mark our 25th anniversary, but life with our nearly grown children across the holidays was just too busy to find to go out and shop. Instead, we opted to point, click and purchase ourselves an iPad, following which I downloaded pretty much all the available Peanuts-related apps.

One of them is a free app to play Snoopy's Street Fair. I've been playing for about 2 months now, and must caution that it does cost real money to play, but I am officially addicted, silly as it seems, and was curious if anyone else here happens to play? Smile

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Yes, this addiction is seems to be too good. I am too addicted to so many games. But I don't play SSF. I play shadow fight and turtles. These two are my most favorite games.

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I've been considering this one for a while actually! May have to give it a go since you guys think it's worth it?