Anyone looking for Marvel Minimates Wave 15 at TRU?

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Wave 15 uses the same item # as Wave 14. So if your store is loaded with Wave 14, you may not see Wave 15. This happens every once and a while and it is extremely frustrated if you only have 1 TRU in your area or the wave is just not a good seller. The case break down is:

4 - Nova Flame Human Torch & Annihilus
4 - Transforming Thing/ Pilot Ben Grimm & Herald Silver Surfer
2 - Pyrues Kril the Firelord & Gabriel the Air-Walker **TRU Exclusive
2 - Juggernaut as Kuurth & Hulk as Nul **TRU Exclusive

I had to travel 40 mins out of my area to get these, but atleast I am done until the next wave. Good Luck!

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I check every morning after I wake up hoping these are online.