BBTS: Joel, Mike and Crew are a class act....

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I think it's really important to share your experiences both good and bad with any etailer that is fighting for your hard earned money, especially in a challenged economy.

That said, I have been a BBTS customer for about 20 years. In that time, I've had 2 problems, with the last taking place a few weeks ago. I ordered a case of wrestling figures which were actually going to be shipping as a part of a package for a family member of mine overseas. Long story short, it was a time critical shipment and somehow the case went by USPS standard rather than Priority and the USPS classified it as a "dead address". BBTS like any other retailer, needed to wait for the return of the product to determine what the issue was prior to reshipping it.

The USPS loses the package and it apparently goes t toy limbo. I was upset, as this was a gift and I had now missed my window of shipment. After explaining this to BBTS Mike (the rep) he decided to issue me my refund in full, without waiting for the package to arrive, advising me it was probably gone and that they would chalk it up as a loss.

After digesting this, I realized that I had changed the standard method from UPS to USPS Priority which enabled the mistake to begin with. While the USPS lost it, if I had left it the standard UPS maybe this wouldn't have happened. I felt bad about this and contacted Mike, to let him know I would take a store credit, so that at least he knew I would be spending the money with BBTS again. He kindly told me it wasn't problem and that he had all ready issued the refund.

Mike turned a bad situation into a good one, so I decided to drop Joel a line and just thank him and let him know he had a really diligent, professional & customer friendly rep in Mike.

Today, I received a response thanking me for my input, advising me that Mike was also a collector and that he understood how I felt and the issues we face. On top of this, they gave me a $10 store credit.

So this post is for anyone asking if BBTS is reputable and if they can be trusted. In 20+ years they have never left me unsatisified, never had a security situation resolving in my cc info being leaked and even took the time to respond to my comment with a gift. THAT is what has made them so successful and why they are #1 at what they do.

Thanks Mike, Joel and BBTS!



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That's awesome! Also, it sounds just like the folks at BBTS. I've been using them for years, myself, and only once had a problem with an item from them.

I purchased a couple of DCUC All-Stars (final wave) Batman figures from them and the left ankle on one of them snapped the first time I tried to move it. I promptly contacted them about possibly obtaining a replacement. As it turned out, they were out of the Batman, so they issued me a store credit, instead. I think that's pretty awesome when, really, poor QC on Mattel's part is not an issue they created, but they certainly resolved it.

Also, they always do an excellent job packing items so they don't become damaged in shipping and Pile of Loot is amazing!

Can't recommend them enough!