What I didn't like about Toyfair, New Toys so far in 2013

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I know a lot of people are jazzed about Toyfair 2013, but there were a lot of issues I thought with Hasbro.

My biggest complaint is with the Star Wars figures. Most star wars collectors who started back in 1995 may have close to 400 figures in their collection. In this economy and with the rising costs including action figures.... $20 for one star wars figure is acceptable? Even if these figures are fantastic, where do you find space in your collection for these larger versions of figures you already have? If you have Mini Busts, Statues, or 12" figures, do you really need these in your collection? I think Star Wars missed the boat years ago where executing this line would have been better received, but now... I'm not sure.

Every other toy pictured for star wars is crap. The figure selection has no new figures, there are figures that look like they are rejects from years ago, taking the line in the absolute backwards direction in terms of quality and articulation and selection. Has anyone seen these new vehicles or 12 inch figures yet for 2013... They are abysmal. If I had to grade the star wars team overall for 2013... it would be an F... well deserved.

GI Joe seemed to be the be the best positioned but I'm not happy about the price tag of $10 a pop in 2013. My only complaint is the laziness to include un-articulated figures with the vehicles.... WTF? Even back in the 80s, the drivers were no different than the carded figures. Hasbro... stop this... you might as well just put Green or Tan molded soldiers in your vehicles then.... so you can save even more money.

I did not see any Marvel Legends News. Of the Iron Man stuff I saw, I didn't see much that was exciting. The Iron Man Marvel Legends are nice.... in regards to the build a figure and new Iron Man 3 Figures.... the first three selections were not the best.

If memory serves me correct, Hasbro is not doing well or did not do well in 2012. 2012 was a poor year as far as distribution and selection.... and looks to me that this will continue into 2013. Can't say my money will find its way to hasbro very often this year.... the offerings by some of the other companies are looking better.


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I actually think the introduction of a new scale for Star Wars figures was pretty smart (although you might be right that the time to strike was a few years ago). Collectors are used to the size, and now are used to paying 15 to 20 for that class of figure. Hardcore fans will no doubt get them, and lapsed fans have something new to latch onto. And it'll take years and years to even get all of the major characters out.

I can see fans of the smaller line getting upset if they get pushed out of the new movies, but until that happens I didn't really see much to get excited about in that size except for Clone Wars.

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Anonymous wrote:
I did not see any Marvel Legends News.

You must not have been looking very hard. 2013 wave 2 is Wrecker, Bulldozer, Scarlet Spider, Black Panther, modern Hawkeye, classic Hawkeye, 90s Jean Grey, Age Of Apocalypse Jean Grey, White Phoenix and a BAF Rocket Raccoon.

No pics were shown but what's been announced fore 2013 wave 3 so far is Batroc, Blizzard, Moonstone and Songbird.

And they'll be a Wolverine themed wave of Legends that will have modern Wolverine, X-Force Wolverine (again), modern Cyclops, Phoenix Force Cyclops, Emma Frost, Rogue, Sabertooth, and a BAF Puck.

tradin_jake (not verified)

My biggest disappointment was that Hasbro didn't announce any new Star Trek figures in the 3-3/4 or 6-inch scales. I know we're getting a bunch of Kreon sets (and Diamond Select is doing some toys too), but I've been really excited about Hasbro getting the license when it was first announced last year.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that I've been waiting my whole life to see Kirk and Spock in the GI Joe/Star Wars 3-3/4 scale with the same level of articulation. Given that Star Wars is getting a collector-aimed "black series" line in both scales, I think a collector-aimed Star Trek line could do well too. Maybe do ten figures for the new movie and then do a "black series" for the classics from TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT. So many opportunities there... and it seems like a lot of the molds could be re-used.

I have to assume that Hasbro was concerned by the poor sales of the 2009 Playmates Star Trek line. And, I'll admit that Star Trek has never sold as well at retail as Star Wars, Transformers, etc. Given the limited space toys get in Wal-mart now, it probably just didn't warrant a line.

Ugh, just wanted a 3 3/4 inch Kirk and Spock with some Hasbro-designed ships! I'm hoping we still get something, but it seems like it should have been announced at Toy Fair this year if we were. Guess I'll just pick-and-choose among the Kreon sets and whatever I like from Diamond Select.

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The cancellation of the Clone Wars line to be replaced with "realistic" 5poa figures instead seems to be the height of shortsightedness on Hasbro's part. Even going so far as to make wave 1 2013 European only release. What happened to the number one Star Wars line that appealled to both kids and collectors that earned it this fate? Nothing but poor decision making by Hasbro. So much potential, so little vision.

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Hasbro in general was a disappointment. With companies like NECA, LEGO, & Diamond Select knocking each & every release out the park, Hasbro & Mattel seemed lacking in anything exciting or of value. The two biggest toy companies in the world seemed to offer the cheapest looking options.

I know a lot of Transformers fans were excited about things like Metroplex & as a TF fan, I was more excited about the G.I. JOE offerings. I think recent releases like Masterpiece Optimus & Soundwave have spoiled me on Transformers. Initially I didn't have a problem w/the shrunken size of the deluxes, but it's finally catching up to me. I'd rather spend $100-170 on a MP Transformer than a couple waves of deluxe class figures.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older, running out of display space, or just appreciate finer things, but I'm buying less & less "American" toys. I find myself buying a few expensive imports vs. many "cheap" domestic toys. Figma, S.H. Figuarts, S.H. Monsterarts, Revoltech, & Hot Toys seem to be getting more & more attention from me every day. And I don't suffer QC issues w/toys from abroad.

As far as value goes, Diamond Select trumps all. $7-$9 for a Minimate 2-pack is a deal. With as many accesories DST is packing into each set, you *almost* receive 4 figures. NECA has a much smaller distribution than either Hasbro or Mattel & their figures consistantly stay under $20. There is no reason SW Black figures should cost more than $15. They are not limited.