Anything on preorder or enroute to you? Share!

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While I still have a huge pile of loot to open, I've got some great items coming, some of which are what I consider "Bucket List" toy items:

-Masterpiece Soundwave has arrived....I have looked at him but not yet bothered to actually fidget with him. He's absolutely beautiful.

-Quake Wave "Not Shockwave" 3rd Party version arrives this weekend. Again, another bucket list item. he too, looks amazing.

-6" Iron Patriot. Finally! This should have an Osborne head as well, but he is still awesome.

-GI Joe Retaliation 3pk with Ultimate Firefly: Finally, an ULTIMATE version of a fav character. Again, a bucket list item.

-Masterpiece Ravage and Rumble: YES! To accompany big daddy Soundwave in style.

A pile of awesome WWE Mattel figures currently await their freedom for review from their plastic cells such as Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan and more.

Anyone else?


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I have a set of the ML wave 4 coming. I got tired of waiting to see if they will show up at retail. I never saw wave 3 and ordered those online as well. It's a hit and miss at retail. Not like it use to be.

Also, still have 12" Lost In Space Major Don West from Sci Fi Metropolis on order. Hoping they are able to start running smoothly again to finish off the Robinson Family.