Direct Bridge Hobbit figures now 50% off at Kmart!

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Stopped by my local Kmart the other night to snag some Arizona green tea (still cheaper than Walmart) and was floored to see that ALL of the Direct Bridge Hobbit merchandise had hit clearance.

This meant that the single packs were now $4 and the two packs were $8 at my local store. So, after a few seconds delay I snagged most of the rest of the line that I'd not yet picked up. Still need to go back for a warg or two, however.

The clearance also includes the 6" figures for those of you who are interested.

Good hunting!

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Was there any signage to suggest when this might be ending?

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I picked up the 6"ers today for $8 each. I would have passed them by if I hadn't seen Leo's post because the pegs still had the old prices.
BTW, the 2 packs were $7.50 each at my Kmart. I'm not sure if the figures and accessories are exactly the same as single packs.

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Thanks for the tip. I picked up a bunch of them as well.

There were no signs advertising the price, but they scanned as follows at the one I hit:

Single smaller Figures - $4
2-packs - $8
Warg w/rider - $10

I didn't scan the 6" figures

I picked up all the small figures they had and I appreciate the tip!


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If there are no signs and plenty of stock, I plan on waiting for the half off clearance sale and seriously stocking up.

Warg army here we come.



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The one I hit had plenty of stock, a single-sided mid-aisle shipper that didn't seem to be missing a single item when I got there early Saturday afternoon. But then, the clearance just started on 1/31.

They did have signage though; each category had its own small dated clearance sticker, the same size/style as the ones they use for pegged figures.