Toys R Us no longer price-matching their website.

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Stopped off at my local store today and picked up the DC 2 pack with Yellow Hal and Blue Kyle. The price went up to $37.99 from $34.99. I told them that online it's $32.99(used to be $29.99) and so the cashier adjusted the price to $32.99. I used a $5 off coupon to lessen the sting. She then said that price-matching will be going bye-bye. The store manager was there and he also said the same thing. So do they really want to go down this road and shun their customers?

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Masterpiece Optimus Prime just went up to $129.99 on their website. That's up from $119.99. That's up from $99.99, when he first showed up on shelves, back in the fall. Not that has him in stock, anyway.


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I think most retailers that do price matching handle it the same way - you can get the competitor's price, or you can use a coupon, but you can't do both. And TRU wouldn't be the first or last retailer to consider their own website as a competitor for price-matching purposes (some won't price match their own website at all). It's the wrong call, though. There's perfectly good reasons for it, but customers who aren't in retail don't understand those reasons and don't want to hear about them, and the retailers need to just take the hit for the sake of customer relations.

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There are 5 TRUs in my shopping area. The best TRU is located in tourist central here in Orlando Florida. And even though I have a TRU 5 mins from my office, I have to drive 20 miles out of my way because this tourist store gets everything the other 4 stores never even see. Their prices however are atleast 25% or more higher than the other 4 TRUs. When they dump the online price match, it will be a major hit to my toy collecting.

I am tired of hearing retailers complain about low sales and stocking issues, it's time to put some intelligence into buying for the stores and stop putting customers through the hoops for poor management.

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I can understand them not wanting to price match other online competitors (even though Target is extending their price matching of amazon, etc.). But are you sure they won't even match their own website? Considering they offer in-store pickup, that seems really, really dumb.

I was at a Babies R Us the other week buying a pricey item, and they had it for about 50 bucks cheaper on their website. Amazon was about 10 bucks cheaper than that, but I figured I was already there, so what the heck. If they didn't give me the pricematch to their own website right there, and made me instead order through the website for in store pickup and wait for that order to go through, forget it.

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well if its cheaper online, here is what you do, go to the customer service desk, if the toy is cheaper online then the shelf, order the figure from the customer service desk, sometime there is free shipping to your house. You wont get the figure that day but it will come to your house instead