We could have Star Wars figures in a Toy Story sequel now! Occur to anybody else yet?

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I'm sure the licensing would have been a nightmare in the past, but it suddenly occurred to me this morning, watching Toy Story 3, that we could have Star Wars figures--vintage AND modern--in another Toy Story movie. Really, guess it wouldn't even have to be a sequel. It could be a prequel that takes place in the late '70s or early '80s.

Let me stress: This is just me daydreaming and posting, not reporting anything. (Although I'd like to imagine that if enough buzz started online, someone at Disney, Pixar, or Lucasfilm would jump on the idea.)


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Maybe, but I don't remember there being Marvel characters in TS3. Then again the movie was nearly complete at that point, maybe they didn't have time to wedge on in? Probably has more to do with their partnership with Mattel and Star Wars and Marvel both being Hasbro toy lines could keep it from happening. Although, Mr. Potato Head is a main character so maybe it isn't that important?



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Two of my favorite brands coming together. I like the idea. I would be fine with a Star Wars Toy Story knock off. Luke's Woody, Han is Buzz and Vader is Zurg (the father son thing doesn't work right there but oh well) while Lotso is the Emperor and Prospector is Tarkin.