Walking Dead Series 1 Minimates

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What do you thing of the new Walking Dead Minimates? Smile


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No interest in the TV series, but I got them to go with the Lego Zombies crypt from Target, part of the Monster Fighters series. It's amazing how the Minimates are making the perfect figures to go with the Lego sets, like the Universal Monsters. Pure coincidence, I'm sure (the UM minis started way before the Lego sets, and the WD minis are made because of the popularity of the series, not a single Lego set at Target), but the serendipity is just too good to pass on.

As for the figures themsleves, the zombies are just plain fun, with the choice of limbs or rotted stumps with a number of them. Even if you aren't into the TV show, these are great little figures for monster lovers in general.

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If you are interested in the Walking Dead Minimates based on the Comic Book Series you better catch up quickly. Series 1 has been out for a few weeks now with Wave 2 scheduled for Late Nov/ Early Dec. BBTS, other e-tailers, and comics shops got Wave 1 with 2 versions of Dale and the same Female Zombie. While TRU got a Wave 1 assortment with Glen and Shane with different zombies exclusive to TRU. Both assortments come with Rick and Zombie, and a Zombie Herd 2 Pack. I did not have any problems finding what I needed from local comic shops for W1, but finding the TRU W1 has been extremely difficult. Only 1 TRU out of 5 in my area are carrying these and I had to fight 2 employees to get 1 Glen and 1 Shane 2 pack.

DST did a great job on Wave 1, with extra limbs, stumps, and weapons to go around. While I am a much bigger fan of the TV Series, beggars can't be choosers. Good Luck.