Dear Marvel Universe Santa...

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Dear MU Santa...

I admit, I wasn't a fan of your tiny action figures initially. I thought the last thing I needed was to start collecting another scale!

However, I've been pleased overall by the MU sculpts, paint...but most of all by the Silver Age character selection. I just picked up that pricey Masters of Evil boxset, and it got me wondering whether you might decide to put out some additional boxset$ in the near future.

I want me some Kirbyish original, black/blue & yellow X-men! Perhaps a set of Cyclops, Marvel Girl & Angel...and another grouping with Beast, Iceman, & Professor X w/ chair?

And if you don't mind, how about a Silver Age FF set? Sorry...I'm not interested in alternate universe, short sleeve, white costumes where the Thing is wearing long pants & boots...and I never want to see another Herbie the Robot.

How about a set of Reed with some interchangeable stretched limbs, packed with a visible & an invisible Sue? Another set might feature a FLYING Human Torch with a translucent yellow flaming stand...packed with a Johnny Storm? The Thing boxset could also include a human Ben Grimm in blue shorts? I know you've released some half-baked, incomplete attempts to date, but let's do the job right!

These could be real money makers for your toy shop at the North Pole. Throw in maybe a 8-9" tall Giant Man somewhere along the line and I'd be a happy camper this Christmas.

And how about an Inhumans assortment in 2013?

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Anonymous (not verified)

Sorry Kid, all I have left in the warehouse is Quik Tech Batman Figures...want some of those?

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An Inhumans three-pack is coming in 2013!

My wish list would include finishing off teams that are almost there. Like, an X-Factor Beast that would go with the recent X-Factor multipack that mysteriously excluded him. Or, a Sue Storm in the dark blue/white costume to match the rest of the team that were released early in the line. Or how about re-releasing that Vision figure that no one was able to snag? Or a classic X-Men Banshee so we can have that entire team?

C_Midnite (not verified)

For me, I'd like to see some actual golden age characters. And then some retro ones (a la the 70's Invaders series).

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I'd love to see more classic Defenders. Glad to get Nighthawk but we need Hellcat and Valkyrie and Hellstrom. I guess they'd have to have some creative labeling to get around all those Hell names. I'd love a Gargoyle, Moondragon and Devil Slayer as well but that's pretty out there.

More Masters of Evil including the original hard to get set would be amazing as well. Cobra, Mr Hyde, and classic Moonstone to start.



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you never know what is on their radar ready to launch.... Big smile