is there some kind master list of tf mp compatible figures?

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with thundercracker just coming out, it's got me chompin at the bit for other stuff to get. but i'm only interested in things that fit in to or can be fudged in to mp scale.

so, is there a list out there or a general opinion on what fits together?

so far i've got the jets, grimlock and a third party prime. i know there's ironhide and ratchet from third party, but do they fit in scale with the other mp?

thanks in advance for any input.

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The problem is that the MP stuff doesn't even stick to a single scale, though it does seem like from Grimlock on they've been trying to stick to it...

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The upcoming MP Sideswipe and Red Alert are just a little bit smaller than Alternators/Binaltech so you could probably use a lot of them to fill the ranks.


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