US Agent: any recommended trades!

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I tend to really like tragic, anti heroes like Bucky, Azrael and punisher and am looking for any ideas on good trade paperbacks to pick up featuring walker in all of his anti hero goodness.

I remember reading issues years back and the guy was such a badass... Yet they've really tossed him away as far as a current character.

Any help is appreciated !


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Unfortunately the last I saw of Walker was when he was the very old school warden of the Raft right around the time Cage took over the Thunderbolts. He'd lost a limb or two to Nuke in the Civil War and then just kid of faded out. I don't remember ever seeing him with his own book. You'd have to look up his runs on Captain America, West Coast Avengers and more recently Omega Flight but even then he never commanded much of the spotlight.