Leader Class Transformers at Marshalls

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You might want to hit your local Marshalls if you passed up some leader class Transformers last year. I just managed to score a DOTM Sentinel Prime and DOTM Leader Bumblebee for $24.99 each. I'd had zero interest in Leader Bumblebee, but I picked him up on a lark. I'm glad I did.

I think he's one of the better movie Bumblebees they made, if you take that ridiculous weapon harness he comes with off of him. Luckily, it detaches from the figure and all the lights/sounds are in the harness, not the figure. He's somewhere between the Human Alliance scale and the Battle-Ops scale. The car mode is not that much larger than the Human Alliance one, but he unfolds into a much bigger robot. The DOTM 'Bee has a nicer chest design and the car mode has a spoiler on the back. He's got decent light-piping in the eyes, too.

The only strikes I'd give it is that the "wings" made of the car doors sit up way too high (that's why I have them folded down) and the car mode is missing some paint apps that make it feel kind of cheap. They really should have painted the rims on the tires.

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No Marshalls around me, but I guess it's time to start watching TJ Maxx!



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those discount stores have had all kinds of dotm transformers for at least 3 months. stuff is just sitting out here.all those leader class will eventually get red tagged.