Captain America 2: The Winter Solider?!?

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I consider myself to be one of the biggest Winter Solider fanboys in fandom today..I love the character and his ongoing story of redemption. He was the guy that did the bloody work that Cap could not do...

And yet, I am ashamed to admit that the sequel to the movie is actually called "Captain America: The Winter Solider".

This is fantastic news and I still cannot believe it!!

Somewhere, a fellow comic nerd that knew is shouting "YES!! I AM #1!!!!!


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I liked that Avengers cartoon this past weekend with Cap, Winter Soldier & those Sleepers. Probably a rerun, but I hadn't seen that one yet. Does anyone in comics ever stay dead?

I'm still a bit disappointed—but hardly surprised—in the PC rewriting of history, such that the Allies fought HYDRA in WWII...