Spider-Man 6" Studio Series? Walmart says...

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Was just in Walmart and saw the new planogram and it listed "Spider Studio Ser". The Avengers Movie Series is on it as "Avengers 6 Studio Series" or something very similar to that.

So did Hasbro announce this and I missed it, or have we not heard of these before? I hope these are great! I'd love a non-badly painted, well-articulated movie Spider-Man, Lizard, Peter Parker and Mary Jane. I know the last one is never going to happen, but wouldn't it be nice?

Also, has Hasbro made any noise about completing the Avengers Movie Series with Black Widow anytime soon? Maybe a Wave Two with her, an un-sunglassed Hawkeye, unmasked Cap, Chitauri even?

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I saw the set tonight. It includes an Amazing Spider-Man figure, a movie Lizard, and another out-of-scale Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man. Lizard comes with a bunch of little little sidekicks--it's kind of cool, but I HATED Lizard in that movie.

I almost bought (another) oversized Miles Morales, but I decided the Marvel Universe one I got a few weeks ago was good enough for me.

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I saw the 6" figures tonight at Walmart. Lizard is big but, eh, kinda odd looking in his proportions. Spidey is cool and comes with 3 weblines. Miles is the Bullseye body with a new head, lower arms/legs. Still kinda tall.