One thing I've always found kind of funny about professional wrestling...

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Everytime a wrestler sets up a spot to put somebody through the announce table, they always make sure to first clear off all the stuff that might actually hurt his opponent like the monitors and microphones or what have you on the table. Now I know they do this for safety reasons, and probably to avoid damaging some expensive equipment, but since the very idea of putting his opponent through the table seems to be to hurt him very badly, this just makes me chuckle. Am I the only one who finds this funny?

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Do you remember what age you were when you first realized (or, like me, were first told) that wrestling was fake?

It was around sixth grade for me, I guess. Circa the late 80s, maybe early 90s. I still watched intently for a few more years, though. :b

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I'm an old school fan and agree with your observation Keith.

Actually I think it's done more to protect injuries as having a "superstar" out injured after accidentally catching the edge of a $100 monitor is disasterous to pre-planned storylines.

Another funny observation is HHH using his dreaded trademarl sledgehammer...he hits said victim with the very top face in a pool stick manner, rather than actually swinging it.

All in all, it's entertainment requiring a moderate amount of suspension of disbelief. Much more today than ever before.


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Yeah, I would always kinda laugh when HHH would hit someone with the sledgehammer by wrapping his hand over the hammer's head rather than the bare metal.


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