Transformers Prime Megatron Voyager Class Review

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Yesterday i was really bored so i thought why not do an article on any action figure review. So then i came up with the review of Transformers Prime Megatron Voyager Class action figure. Check it out. Your feedback would be appreciated. Let me know if there is something missing or wrong in the review so i can correct it. I dont actually own Megatron voyager Class, so i collected information from multiple reviews. Hope you will enjoy it.



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So did you borrow the figure from someone to review it? If you've never handled the figure I find it hard to believe you could properly review it. That and your review seems pretty short and like a thinly-veiled ad for Past Generation toys. I just can't get into TF Prime figures-- they've downscaled their figures at Hasbro and cheaped out on the paint, too, from the look of things.