Where to stay in NY? Might be headed to NYCC...

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I'm planning a trip to NYC in October (nicely coinciding with NYCC!). Does anyone have any suggestions on where to stay in NY? Will probably not be renting a car so I'll need somewhat easy access to public transport for NYCC, touristy places and TRU / Walmart / toy stores as well as factory / premium outlets for the wife to go shopping.

I've been looking at hotels in the Midtown 46-48th street area but they seem kinda pricey.

Out-of-Country visitor, FYI.

Also, any of the old buzz gang going? Maybe I can finally see you guys in the flesh...

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You can see me....My picture is on the wall at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts class of 2000. 29th and Madison!

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Gotham in October? Perhaps the summer heat will have abated by then? I guarantee that NOTHING smells quite so...unique...as the dirty streets & alleys of NYC in the good ol' summer time. True, the ubiquitous, wafting stench reminded me mostly of stale, steamy urine, but there were so many various additional notes...rotten food, decomp, sewage...

I was in NYC on business for a few days one month before 9/11. I will never return for any reason.

First, I have never been around so many flat out rude people. I asked nicely where to catch a bus to my conference and everyone either ignored me, laughed at me, or insulted me. Twice passersby PUSHED me out of their way as they hurried past. (Perhaps they were desperate to escape the smell, and who could blame them?)

Here is my favorite, true NYC story. After a long day on my feet at the convention center, I was taking the bus back to my hotel a few miles away. The bus turned down a (very) narrow side street. Cars were triple parked...not a cop in sight, natch...and the bus couldn't squeeze through. Suddenly the driver stops, flings open the doors and orders everyone out. Having only the most basic idea as to where I was, I asked him (again politely) where I could catch another bus, since I'm (obviously) handicapped and walking 10 city blocks in blistering heat is not what I do best. The driver laughed at me, called me a few racist names---YT, Cracka, etc--and told me I was on my own!

Oh, did I mention I was mugged as I limped down the avenue past 30 Rock in broad daylight?

I realize that all urban jungles are pretty much the same everywhere. Though the liberal media continues to insist otherwise, every nasty thing you've ever heard about NYC--and the folks who choose to live in this sprawling concrete armpit--is true. Avoid.

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Lived there 3 years. Never mugged once. No one was ever rude to me either....however I did have an apartment in the village and on my first day there a man saw I was looking out the window marveling the city...He proceeded to stand on his bed and began to whack off so that I would see him. I turned around and went outside to take a stroll in the city. Also found a rat in said apartment. That scared me more than anything....

But getting back on topic....Try Forbidden Planet I think on 14th street and Union. Great comic store! Toys R Us is in times square now. I wonder if Village comics is still open. I used to work there. Talk to Joe if he is still around. Tell him I sent ya. The guy that worked there 12 years ago with the crazy Brazillian wife. He will know.

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I am a life-long NYCer and i am totally offended by the post that insinuates that us New Yorkers are all rude, etc.

Village Comics alas is gone, but Forbidden Planet is still alive and kicking and has just moved into a new space- it is now between 12th and 13th on Broadway. (I should know I work there) Smile