You gotta see this, Bad Toys II! A foreign short film using mostly M.A.S.K. toys, with some other 80's classics for good measure

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Apparently there is discussion of a feature film based on the premise of this short film. Great use of MASK toys, and they sneak a couple Joes, Ghostbusters and even He-Man in there for good taste.


Columbia & Happy Madison Look to Adapt 'Bad Toys II' Animated Short |


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That's a fun video, though I was surprised that they never transformed any of the MASK vehicles. Since I just got the MASK DVD that came out last year, I got a kick out of seeing the toys revived this way.

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I loved it. It is how I played with them when I was little. Now I play with my old toys with my boys. LOL I can see my boys saying that when they are older. Thanks