Sally Ride & Christian Bale

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I was pretty down yesterday after hearing about the passing of Sally Ride (and now Sherman Hemsley today), and then seeing that Christian Bale came to Denver today made my eyes a bit watery again:

I thought it was neat that the President visited with the people in the hospital, and that several of the Broncos players visited with the people in the hospital, but Bale making the trip nearly made me cry.

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Yeah that was a class act by Bale. He's been my favorite Batman thus far with Keaton second. I just wish I could have liked the Dark Knight Rises more since its his last film as Batman. But Kudos to Bale, hopefully other cast members will do the same, maybe Levitt or Nolan, perhaps Hathaway. That was a feel good story for me today, especially when he took the flowers to the memorial site.