The Bat-Ribbon

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I hope this doesn't start a firestorm, but I know this is the Internet and almost can't be avoided. But I need to get it out anyway.

I don't know where it originated, whether, Warner Bros, Mattel, or afi, but they currently have a "Bat-ribbon" displayed on e front page blogs at afi. While I know the intent is admirable, for the fan community to show support in the face of incomprehensible tragedy, I can't help but think the bat-ribbon is inappropriate.
I really don't think any of the victims' families want to be reminded of the circumstances surrounding this horror, no matter how well meaning it is. It may honestly come off as more of a self-aggrandizing act of a fan base latching onto a tragedy.
I like Batman as much as the rest, but I think a basic black ribbon would be more appropriate in the circumstances. The real tragedy is the horror of 12 lost lives, and the movie they were seeing should have no bearing of our honoring them with our own mourning and prayers.

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speedbuggy (not verified)

That is hard. I agree a BatRibbon seems much. A ribbon of support would have been fine. I think people just feel so bad that they want to help in some way.