Any Wizard World Chicago vets here?

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My wife and I are planning to go this year, and she wanted to know if buying tickets for the autographs ahead of time has any advantages, such as jumping ahead in line, much of a guarantee, etc. Anybody know anything about this? Specifically we're looking at Stan Lee and Bruce Campbell.

Thanks ahead of time Buzzers!



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Anonymous (not verified)

I've been going since 1995 and although I never have bought VIP tickets there are always long lines for the coveted celebrities that require a pretty good investment of time. I'm usually happier to walk the floor and see the celebs from afar.

Fox hound (not verified)

The great thing about wizard is in order to tell you something is important, it involves waiting in a line to get in a line. Heck if you could just go in and jus get something ( like Lou ferrignos autograph, for example) it wouldnt mean anything to you. There's no hype.

My favorite example of this was wandering around and finding Alex Ross just sitting at his table a couple years ago. I go up for an autograph, and am told by a handler I have to wait in line, but that I was the first person in the line.

So Alex is sitting there and I'm standing here, and we are like... 8 feet apart, and we just sorta get to talking about stuff for like 5 minutes, and no one else has come in line at this point when Alex tells me to come forward and he signs my stuff much to the chagrin of the handler... It was mildly ridiculous.

Wizard Chicago is seriously though one of my happy places. You'll probably see the stars at least hang out at the hyatt lobby party mob over the weekend. It's a great time.