What's with Major Matt Mason popping up at SDCC?

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Mattel had a wrestling buddies of Matt mixed in with the regular ones, and now there's apparently a display of the old Matt stuff from the 60's. It's most likely just Mattel showing off it's history (and the Matt line was something to be proud of), but has anyone heard any rumblings anywhere about Mattel trying to revive the property or testing the waters for reactions?

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Matt's been on the periphery for a while. There was talk of Tom Hanks wanting to do a Major Matt Mason movie, and "Mason" was one of the astronauts listed as a member of Project Photog on material supporting MOTUC Queen Marlena's release.

I'd imagine Mattel is doing exactly what you suggest, testing the potential market for a MMM revivial, or else there's one already planned and this all viral preamble.

would much rather a Bim Jim's P.A.C.K. revival


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