Square Enix is going to cost me a ton of cash this year and next!

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Between Devil May Cry 3 (VEEEEEEEERGIIIIIIILLL!!!), Arkham Asylum and Arkham City alone, I was gonna be forking over a lot of cash. But now they're doing a Bane, Catwoman and Batman from TDKR, as well as Man of Steel... sweet jeebus, I might be in for all the above mentioned (maybe not Hathaway Catwoman). And now they're doing Robin from AC and a Dark Knight Returns Batman, too? Damn you, Square Enix. Damn you and your Japanese sensibilities that somehow allow you to make way cooler toys than us.

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I was thinking along similar lines last night. I've never played Metal Gear Solid, but I want all of those figures. & if Lara Croft turns out as nice as the proto, I may be forced to go back & buy Nathan Drake also.