new TMNT figures found at metro ATL TRU

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Not sure if its been mentioned - but the new Ninja Turtle figs are out and about - - They don't look to shabby either (detail is decent - paint app is minimal)- - $8.99 a pop. Saw Shredder / Splinter and all four turtles plus Kang and April - - - Buckhead TRU in Atlanta - - - -

-Rhine (who is too lazy to log in)

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Where are they located at at your Toys R Us? I've been scouring the aisles of mine, but I've no idea where they're going to put them...

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They're in the aisle with the more kid friendly figures.

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Picked up a set of the Nicktoons Turtles at my local TRU today at lunch. Nice looking Turtles, the rest were ok. Ran into a fellow collector also picking up a set of Turtles. He told me that he had just gone round and round at the Target across the street who had the figures in the stockroom but refused to sell them. Are these figures street dated or is Target is just being stupid robots as usual. So while this TRU just sold 8 figures in under 5 minutes, Target would rather let the product sit in their stock room unitl they do their reset in August then flex in the product between the Reel Steal leftovers and misc clearance figures. Eventhough TRU prices tend to be higher than other retailers that carry similiar toys, they are agressive about getting new products to their shelves first, usually talking to toy companies to get approval and start getting sales.

The Nicktoon Turtles are $8.99 at both stores, btw.

Rhine (not verified)

Stopped by another TRU in the Metro Atlanta area - and they now have a full-on endcap display (with Nick banner/TMNT logos and all that jazz) -- pretty cool to see - -- one lone Splinter remained - - - Thanks for posting the Target price - because I hemmed/hawed and ultimately walked away from purchasing a Leo, convincing myself they will be cheaper @ Target or Wally.....

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Picked up the four Turtles at the Yonkers, New York TRU today. They're $9.99 here, since we pay You Live In New York So Everything Costs More tax.



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