Looking to see Toy Buzzers thoughts about pre orders for the Marvel figures on the way

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Ok I know this is toy related however I feel that I would rather put this on this side of the toy forum. Now I am really getting excited about the Masters of Evil 3 pack (tiger shark, radioactive man, baron zemo), the helicarrier, Maria Hill (which is an exclusive for the convention hellicarrier) and some of the newest Marvel Universe figures (Blastarr, Jubilee) and a repainted 3 3/4 antivenom figure (australian K mart exclusive). Now I am feverishly checking on ebay and finding pre orders, or those who have some of the figures (refering to the Marvel Universe single packs) in hand.
Agent Hill is going for !$120, the Masters of Evil are going from $60-90, and the single packs are going from $60 and above.
I know some of these prices will go down when there are more on ebay however I nearly chocked seeing Agent Hill going for $120. For me, when there is a new character that has never seen the light of day, like Radioactive Man, well I want him to be a part of my collection. And this figure will be in a scale that I like. But the prices are insane. I know that people jack up the prices because of the demand..but it makes me totally disgusted when you have a true fan of the series, who really wants the figure for thier collection sometimes pays through the nose.
Sorry I am just venting.

I hope Agent Hill will be released single pack along with Loki's army.
Some days its tough being a collector of action figures

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If they follow previous Comicon's, Hasbro will sell all of these exclusives online after the show. And at the regular price.

So I would say to ignore the high prices for pre-orders and wait to get them after the show. unless you are going, and then get them there.

I am planning to wait and get them from Hasbro after the show is over. It is so much easier.


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thanks rob, i have to share this story, my mall has a private toy shop that sells loose and packaged figures, some at rediculous prices, some really cheap. the person working at the store said to a customer that the convention was coming up and he stated that it was better to purchase the higher prices on ebay if you figure in a plane ticket, a hotel, and waiting in line for 6 hours for just one select toy. I piped in and said, oh are you refering to the hasbro 3 pack, masters of evil and the hellicarier with agent hill, yes the buzzers on the rtm were talking about those, and there are other companies that will be offering figures too...for the convention, needless to say, now when i walk into the store, the guy behind the counter seems to avoid talking to me, since I am pretty toy smart..lol sad thing is, I love superhero toys, and with this site I am pretty savy about what is a decent deal and what is being overpriced.

I will keep my chin up, its the waitng part and knowing these figures, are just around the corner that is killing me...lol I was never good at waiting for christmas morning