Trailer for the new TMNT series is out. Whuh-oh...

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Very kiddie and cookie-cutter. The animation and models aren't at the level I though they'd be, either.

Basically, this just makes me ache for a full release of the 2002 show by season.



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The animation seems to be below par. Part of that is likely choppiness from the web stream. But they also seem to be less detailed than I was expecting. This would be fine for the animation in a video game. It seems pretty weak for a big budget cartoon.

Beyond that, there isn't enough in the trailer to give me a real sense of how they will be treating the license. I doubt that it will be as dark as the 2003 series. But I hope that they don't go quite as silly as the original series.

Check out the HD version of the trailer at Entertainment Weekly's site. ( )

I'm still not won over on the style, but it does look like some of the quality issues may not be as bad as the first link made them appear.

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I'm not at all impressed by the animation either, but I'll definitely still give it a shot.

Dan W wrote:
I doubt that it will be as dark as the 2003 series. But I hope that they don't go quite as silly as the original series.

From everything I've read about it (which isn't much, but still), I'm expecting it to be a balanced mix of the original and '03 shows: mostly light in tone, like the original show, but with a strong continuity that's somewhat adapted from the Mirage comics, like the '03 show.

And even if the general consensus amongst us old fogies is that it's not very good, at least we're getting plenty of cool TMNT toys in the near future. =)

BumblebeeZ3 (not verified)

It looks enjoyable.
That being said, Rob Paulsen voicing Donatello will take some getting used to.

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I kinda like it. It's different, but I don't think it'll be unbearably kiddie. Keep in mind that most of us grew up watching the original animated series and loving it as kids and it doesn't get more childish than that. This still looks like it could be fun to watch even if it is geared towards a younger audience.


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