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by Rick DeWeese

A Sentai Robo Retrospective

1990: Chikyu Sentai Fiveman

(Earth Task Force Fiveman)
Robo: FiveRobo
episodes: 48

LandGamma, CarrierBeta, and SkyAlpha could link together to for a large trailer vehicle or when needed merge to form FiveRobo. Aside from the 11 1/2" diecast, this robo was popular enough to make it into the Jumbo Machinder world as a 20", out of place, vinyl masterpiece. He wasn't very welcomed by the Japanese public in that form though.

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1991: Chojin Sentai Jetman

(Birdman Task Force Jetman) Robo: Jet Icarus episodes: 51

What many consider the best sentai series of the 90's, Jetman's robo Jet Icarus was made up of five individual jets that could combine to form one much larger jet and then, of course, Jet Icarus.

1992: Kyouruu Sentai Zyuranger

(Dino Task Force Zyuranger) Robo: Daizyujin episodes: 50

Many know ZyuRanger as The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The sentai series was Saban Entertainment's first crack at porting over a wacky multicolored live-action show. It was rewarded with huge success. Power Rangers was the best selling toy line of the decade, and you know that Daizyujin (Megazord) had something to do with it! Five fearsome dinos formed the robo, and the US was never the same.

1993: GoSei Sentai Dairanger

(Five Star Task Force Dairanger)
Robo: Dairen'oh, WonTiger
episodes: 50

Much of Dairanger was cut up and slipped into the second season of Power Rangers (all of the White Ranger footage and the mecha). It's a real shame too cuz Dairanger is one of my favorites. Dairen'oh (ThunderMegazord) was a combination of five devine mech-beasts. A dragon, a phoenix, a griffon, a unicorn, and a lion formed Dairen'oh. Dairanger's leader KibaRanger had his own mech, WonTiger. WonTiger was a huge white tiger that could transform into a robo itself, and when a real tough monster showed it's face, could also combine with four of the components that form Dairen'oh to form

1994: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

(Ninja Task Force Hidden Ranger)
Robo: Muteki Shogun
episodes: 53

Ninja Task Force!? Awesome! With a very unique look and feel, Kakuranger was a step in another direction. Muteki Shogun was the formation of five smaller human-like robos, all with their own animal inspired design. Muteki's design itself is just plain awesome. It is meant to resemble an ancient castle, and no doubt a very Japanese look to it, right down to the white crane helmeted head design. One of my favorite sentai robos for sure.

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1995: Choriki Sentai Oh-ranger

(Super Task Force King-ranger)
Robos: Ohranger-Robo, Red Puncher-Robo
episodes: 48

Ohranger-Robo is a mixing of animal mecha and just weird mecha. A red phoenix, green bull, and blue sphinx compiled the animal side and made the entire upper body. The legs were formed by two cannon-like vehicles, manned by OhPink and OhYellow, that were pulled behind the bull and sphinx mecha when not in robo mode. You also had the option of changing the helmet on Ohranger-Robo depending on which of the five mech's attributes you wanted to have in power. Another robo, Red Puncher-Robo could combine with Ohranger-Robo to whoop major booty.

1996: Gekisou Sentai Carranger

(Explosive Dash Task Force Carranger)
Robos: RV-Robo, VRV-Robo
episodes: 48

RV-Robo and it's upgrade, VRV-Robo were a combination of large automobiles, which is fitting for a sentai called Carranger. I never found these to be very original, more like a better looking update of TurboRobo, with less diecast.

1997: Denji Sentai Megaranger

(Electro Magnetic Task Force Megaranger) Robos: Galaxy Mega, Mega Voyager
episodes: 51

Megaranger is my second favorite sentai series. The characters, the mecha, it all fit together very well to create a great show. Harking back to the early 80's, Galaxy Mega was a large blue shuttle that could release a smaller white shuttle from it's hangar bay (a nice feature on the toy). The larger shuttle formed the whole body while the small white shuttle formed only the head. Another great feature to this toy is lights and sounds straight from the show! When the head locks into place the chest lights and a power-up super sentai robo sound is activated. Too cool! Galaxy Mega could form with Galaxy Delta to make a surprisingly nice looking, and much more powerful robo. But that wasn't enough! No, Megaranger needed another robo, and Mega Voyager fit the bill. Comprised of four space influenced mechs and one small robo, Mega Voyager was the last mech used in the series finale where it was destroyed while saving the earth once and for all....or was the earth still in danger?

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1998: Seiju Sentai Gingaman

(Star Beast Task Force Gingaman)
Robo: Gingaioh
episodes: 50

Maybe not the earth, but another planet, where Gingaman takes place, was in danger from maniacal evil doers. So the Star Beasts were put to good use. Gingaleon, Gingat, Gingaverick, Gingarilla, and Gingalcon were organic god-like creatures that could turn into mecha beasts(of course) and combine to form Gingaioh. The toy could easily kill a man with it's massive weight. At nearly 7lbs, this one has struck a fancy with regular, non sentai diecast collectors.

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1999: KyuKyu Sentai GoGo V

(Super Rescue Task Force GoGo Five)
Robos: Victory Robo, Grand Liner, Liner Boy, Victory Mars
episodes: 50

And here we have my favorite sentai series of all, KyuKyu Sentai GoGoV. I love the robos in this series. Even though they lack diecast, some entirely, the overall variety and the fact that every robo can interact with each other in one way is what gets me. Victory Robo, five rescue themed vehicles combined, presents a very new look worthy of being a 1999 robo. Victory Robo can merge with Liner Boy to form Max Victory Robo. When not combined, each rescue vehicle can be stored in each train car that makes up Grand Liner. Grand Liner is massive, standing at about 19" in robot mode and about 3 1/2 feet long in train mode! What about Liner Boy? Well he transforms into a shuttle or can be placed at the head or Grand Liner to pull the train into outer space, now that's innovation! For those special space missions there is Victory Mars, a combination of five rescue space vehicles that can also form a large four-legged land vehicle.

2000: Mirai Sentai TimeRanger

(Future Task Force TimeRanger)
Robos: TimeRobo Alpha, TimeRobo Beta, TimeShadow
episodes: Currently Airing

The year 2000, and sentai is still going strong. This series was supposed to offer never before seen designs for robos. Well, it's certainly different, but not all that out of the norm. Five sleek space shuttles can form a large shuttle, much like Jet Icarus, or has the choice of becoming one of two robots. TimeRobo Alpha and TimeRobo Beta are both made up of the five shuttles, just with some mino tweaks. Each robo is surprisingly different in appearence and color. TimeShadow is a huge futuristic stealth bomber than can transform into a robo, or merge with either Beta or Alpha to form the mightiest sentai robo ever seen!

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